The One With A Ladder

Gedling Miners Welfare 0
Gedling Town 2

East Midlands Counties Football League

Happy Easter!! I am given to understand that a bloke who may, or may not, have looked a bit like Australian cricketer Jason Gillespie, went through a bit off strife around this time in order that we may all be able the enjoy the dual pleasures of over-indulgence and a Gedling derby. Carlsberg don't do Easter, to the best of my knowledge. But if they did, I doubt they'd be able to improve on my template.

Following yesterdays snoozefest at Loughborough, this game at Mapperley Plains was a blessed relief. I would say this was down to the derby-ness of the game, but in truth, derby games at this level matter little to anyone. Players move too freely, and fans are generally too close to death passive to get their knickers in too much of a twist. I guess the stars were just aligned for once.

Miners have the footprint to play at a higher level than the ECML, but as this season comes to a close, and if you can read anything in to such things, it is Town who are set fair for bigger and better next time around. Having recently trounced their neighbours 3-0 at their place, this 2-0 victory puts them within 4 points of their better-supported brethren, and  continues the rich vein of form Mick Galloway's installation as manager has brought about.

I have said earlier that I am incredibly impressed by Galloway's first stint at the helm. Yes, the results help, but his demeanour around the dugouts is one of continual encouragement of his troops, of praise, humour and belief in what he, and they, are trying to achieve (for an in-house assessment, see here) If you can find a bookies laying odds on the ECML for next season.... Although it'd be a brave man who looks past Gresley if we're honest.

If you lose your house, we've never met. Sorry.

Oh, it has occurred to me I can utilise Facebook as a host for all the photos I don't use in these award-waiting entries. So, if you fancy seeing some more shots, have a look here.
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