The One Without A Rudder

Loughborough Dynamo 2 Cammel Lairds 0

Unibond League One South

There was a phone call a few weeks ago that went along the lines of "Do you want a ticket for the FC United game at Marine?, "Aye, why not?", "I'll get it sorted"

best laid plans
As 3pm rolled around at the Arriva Stadium, Crosby, I was stood in the pissing rain in Loughborough. If you want a job doing properly, do it yourself.

The course of events that lead me to revisit one of the dullest football grounds in the Unibond do not need to concern you, dear reader. All that should is that whilst this ground continues to sail under the radar, the "flexibility" of ground grading regulation enforcement will continue to bewilder many.

Just around the corner from Dynamo's Watermead Road complex is Charnwood Forest, and I have to say that two hours spent strolling round those ancient woods is infinitely preferable to spending two hours watching two teams get wet.

At least the dog cared
I say two teams, but that gives undue praise to Cammel Lairds who frankly looked like a pub team in organisation and attitude. I say this with the upmost respect for all concerned, some of whom were surely doing their best. But when players don't show because wages are withheld til the end of the season, and the bench is made up with people who happen to be on a golfing weekend in the area, it hardly smacks of a well-run ship.

The Lairds' Homeless Ultra
The game itself was forgettable. The good folk of Loughborough are a fairly stoic bunch, and that, coupled with the weather meant that there was no chance of them getting remotely excited. Likewise, had Lairds done anything exciting, there was no one there who cared enough to cheer it.

So it was that a goal in each half settled the contest, and allowed those gathered to sneak off early watch Leicester lose, and later Tranmere win (no, really. It was on Sky and everything)

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McScouse said...
3 April 2010 at 12:09

Should have come to Cables at least our team turned up......50% fewer goals but the one that was scored made up for the cold and wet (and I say that as a Cables fan even though it was Colwyn Bay who scored it).

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