What I Did When England Were Playing Switzerland

Teversal 1 Askern Villa 2

NCEL Wilkinson Sword Trophy First Round

Standing Room Only
I had a really good post written for this. God knows where I saved it though. Instead, here are the bare facts, followed by some wanky shots featuring Pete, The First Man. And a plastic chair. Amongst others. And not once will I make mention of the glory of Askern Villa's name (I'll leave that to Two Footed Tackle, if he fancies it)

Ronree, I'm So Ronree...
Tevie scored in the first couple of minutes having broken through the Villa back four. Askern Villa's number 5 dislocated his thumb, but neither side had a physio. Villa then proceded to try to play football, without any end product, while Tevie showed a lot of endeavour, and a will to do better, but simply lacked the guile.

Best Seat In The House
Second half, the home keeper came under ever more pressure, but stood firm. Until he didn't. The equaliser came mid way through the half. And the winner came courtesy of a flap direct from a corner.  It left him casting quite a forlorn figure pacing his goalmouth.

So there you go, it's shit, I know. Which is a shame, cos the game wasn't. Sorry.


Sermon From The Mount

Pete Looks On In Awe

As The Mists Roll In
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Anonymous said...
10 September 2010 at 12:14

Super, in depth, cutting edge stuff!

Kenny Legg said...
10 September 2010 at 12:20

A Tesco trolley park....in the ground? Wow.

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