The Unwitting Victim Of It All

In light of the back-slapping going on in the aftermath of Non League day, it is perhaps worth remembering that the current big news story in sport, namely the Pakistani cricket betting scandal, has had far-reaching effects right here on "our" non-league doorstep.

Some may be aware that the gentleman, and I use the term advisedly, at the centre of it all, one Mr Mazhar Majeed, is also chairman of Croydon Athletic FC. Not a club that come onto my North Notts radar too often, true. But still, one of our own.

So, it is a great sadness to read the following posted at NonLeague.Com

Croydon Athletic have requested permission to withdraw from The FA Cup. This request has been accepted by the FA.

This follows the approval of the Isthmian League to allow Croydon Athletic to postpone their next two League games to ascertain whether they can meet their commitments for the remainder of the season.

Kingstonian have been awarded a walkover to the Second Round Qualifying.

More on the whole sorry saga can be found courtesy of The Guardian, amongst others.
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