Well worth the wait

Woodley Sports 2
Cammel Laird 0

Evostik Division One North

I suppose it was to be expected. Two lower mid-table Evostik North teams, ring rusty after all "the weather" (c), playing on an artificial pitch. It was never going to be a match to remind me why I do this. That said, it was pretty dire.
Welcome to Hell
Magic sponge
Woodley Sports' artificial pitch enabled the hosts to play this game, initially scheduled for an away day on the Wirral, and they must have been glad it did. Normally this game would be lucky to get 50 through the gate, but today there were three times that many, huddled together for warmth. Usually a hopper can be spotted by his plastic shopping bag, his numerous copies of the match day programme, and the sense that there is something not-quite-right about him.

Nice weather for ice cream
However, times move on, and these days you are more likely to spot the glint of light off his really-too-posh for the surroundings digital camera. And today, certainly, there was no chance of multiple programme purchases. I don't partake myself, but the language coming from some mouths about the standard, and availability, of the match day "magazine" was enough to make a docker blush. In a previous incarnation, the Lairds' programme was award-winning. Another example of how non-league clubs need to look after the people who turn the wheels, rather than ostracising them.

As you might have guessed, the game itself was a bit of a non-event. Sports scored a goal in each half, and rarely looked troubled. No doubt a search for this game will bring up several reports. Go, have a look. I won't be offended. But event he most skilled of bloggers will be unable to put much of a gloss on this game. The clubhouse was nice enough, but the snack bar, which has received rave reviews, was closed with flooding issues.So even that small blessing was snatched away from me by a meddling bureaucracy.

And none shall leave
Honestly, I can think of nothing to commend this game to you, my devoted readership. That I waited so long for it only compounded the misery.
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