When Saturday Comes

A few weeks ago, you might have noticed that no-one bothered to watch Histon play at Wrexham. That's not to say that there was no-one there. But those who were came in support of the home team. Not one solitary soul travelled across from Cambridgeshire to cheer on the Stutes.

The interweb being the loving and caring place it is, this news was initially met with raucous laughter. But then it dawned on the more wooly out there that this was actually a "bad thing". And so it was that the fine folk over at The DA took it upon themselves to create "Histon Day". A call to arms for all the ghosts, ghouls and Hassan Kachlouls of the footballing blogosphere to raise their cynical arses from behind their keyboards and actually do something.

This Saturday, the 16th of October for those without access to a Gregorian calender, Histon travel to Forest Green, in a battle of what many might term "who, and where?" A beautiful part of the world, and worthy of a visit at the best of times. But, with the arrival of Histon, the perfect excuse to show that your interest in football goes a little further than slating Alan Shearer, or berating the match day official. 

So get yourselves down to Nailsworth this Saturday. Enjoy a pre-match cocktail in the Egypt Mill. And then don your crampons for the trek up Nympsfield Road. It'll all be worth it.

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Lanterne Rouge said...
19 October 2010 at 01:00

Like Manhattan, the United Kingdom is a difficult place to travel across . I am sure Histon fans would be out in force for a match lying on a similar longitude - but those cross country journeys by public transport are interminable.

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