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In which I tell you to read some posts on other, better, And you can't be arsed.

The whole "Follow Friday" thing on Twitter confuses me. There are loads of people I like, who write some cracking stuff. But if you don't happen to be reading my feed at the time, you'll miss my recommendations. Added to this the fact that some crazy-minded people don't Tweet at all, and frankly it is a recipe for disaster. So here, in what starts out with goo intentions, but will doubtless become some sort of resented chore, are some the things that have passed by my window these week. Please, really, point me in the direction of anything you think might interest me. It's either that or a Michael McIntyre DVD

  • "Match of the day and ignorant/lazy punditry."

Mocking Shearer makes hamsters of us all : Surreal Football

  • "Destroying pundits – either with a fluent deconstruction or a vitriolic diatribe – has become the favourite pastime of football bloggers and journalists – my good self included. Recently though, ridiculing the clinically mundane has lost its appeal for me. It all started with Alan Shearer…"

  • “I’ve done lots of interviews with overseas players and managers and invariably they were always smarter and brighter and more analytical than their English peers.”

  • "There is a fairly famous Argentine proverb 'You can change your wife but your club and your mother, never!' "

  • "There is the fan’s way of watching, in which entertaining fare on the pitch is the overriding concern, and the coach’s way of watching, when the method and motives behind the teams’ actions on the pitch are analysed."

The increasingly irrational world of football club owners : Football Management

  • "My blood boils far too easily these days.  Perhaps it’s an age thing.  Or perhaps the wacky world of football finance really is going insane. " 
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