What I Have Been Reading Wk 2

The latest instalment of stuff that has kept me from earning an honest crust. Masquerading as my effort at doing the whole Follow Friday twitter thing. This week, we design a football, we lay in to Match of the Day, we defend Match of the Day, and we learn how ever-more myopic the global football beast is becoming.

The Shame Of A Big Four Fan 

"Hate Cameron, hate Coldplay, hate Cowell. I dwell somewhere on the far left field, looking on with disdain at the big, the successful, the popular. I'm also a football fan."

"Terrorist bullets shattered his spine, football’s indifference shattered his faith."

"There are times when I am legitimately unable (rather than unwilling) to watch, and when I see the outcome I am affected emotionally to nearly as great an extent as I would have been had I watched the full 90."

"Of course there’s also all the usual stuff you have to put up with like someone cutting up your brand new Armani suit and putting shit in your shoes. But sometimes the wind-ups aren’t always so obvious."

"St Pauli are one of football’s most wonderful peculiarities. During the 1980’s the club went through a cultural transformation, which saw them regenerate from an ordinary lower division side, going about their business, toiling in obscurity, into that of counter-cultural icon."

via David Hartrick 

"In short, Alan Shearer doesn’t love football any more than or less than a casual fan does."

Soccer Ball Design
via Passport Soccer Blog

"some of my friends have expressed interest in designing a soccer ball themselves."

Commercialisation of Football
via Sabotage Times

"Exactly when did we all become 3D-loving, replica shirt-wearing, insurance selling, dodgy owner accepting soccer sheep? How old school football fans lost their identity and became consumers."

Premier League to face taxman in court
via FC Business

"The Premier League look set to do battle with HMRC in the courts at the beginning of 2010 over the ‘football creditor’ rule"

Left Back In The Changing Room: No one really knows much about him
via Left Back In The Changing Room

"I don’t know what’s worse; the fact that a well-paid ex-professional working as a pundit on public coin couldn’t name a current French internationalist or the fact that the player actually plays for Shearer’s self-professed love, Newcastle United."

Scarborough Athletic Players Now Own Their Club
via Scarborough Athletic FC

"The majority of Scarborough Athletic's first team squad are now fully signed-up members of the Society - formerly the Seadog Trust."

Does Jeff Stelling shave cats?
via In Bed With Maradonna

"‘I don’t go to a game any more because I prefer to watch it all on Soccer Saturday – £31 to go the game or 6 hours of coverage? It’s a no brainer for me’"

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