US High School Soccer Racism

When I was a mere slip of the lad, and accidentally stumbled in to a one-off appearance for the school rugby team, more by virtue of neing a lard-arse than any competence at the game, no-one came to watch. And that's how it should be. School kids playing sport is not good spectator fodder. Mainly because the fact that they are kids makes them shit at it. So the double-handed concept of loads of people showing up, the tv cameras being there, and it being deemed the perfect platform for some ill-thought-out racial protest is completely alien to me.

A little context is probably needed here. South High is in the old stockyard/meat-packing district of Omaha, where 47% of the student body is Hispanic, and that percentage goes up for the soccer team. Meanwhile Lincoln East, well, isn't. And kids being kids, what better way to celebrate than make some pathetic immigration display. Pathetic.
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