Idiots In Charge Of The NPL

We all know these are tough times. For all of us. Money is tight, and if it is tight for us, it is near non-existant for non-league football clubs. As such it would, perhaps, to be fair to expect the people tasked with looking after the welfare of those clubs to do what they can to lessen the burden.

When you go to watch a football match, what do notice? The big and burly number 6? The fleet footed winger? The quality , or otherwise, of the pies, perhaps? I have have been to too many games to quantify. And never, not once, have I found myself thinking the sartorial elegance of the respective benches was lacking.

But I must have been in the minority, because the suits of the NPL have issued the following to every club in the Evo-Stik league:

  • 1x polo shirt
  • 1x t shirt
  • 1x pair of shorts
  • 1x woolly hat
  • 1x pair of socks
  • 1x Bench Coat
  • 1x pair ¾ pants

Read that list again, and tell me this is a good idea. The league committee, threadbare as it is, have spent coin of the realm addressing an issue that wasn't there. Add to this that they expect referees to enforce the dress-code, and that any transgressions  will be penalised with a £25 fine, and it is clear that the suits do not have the first idea what they are doing.

For one thing, where;s the rain coat?
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