The One Where Everything Came Together

Burton Albion 3 Grimsby Town 0

Fizzy Pop League Two

And so it comes to this. At a stage of the season where most clubs have nothing to play for, I find myself caught between two stools. On the one hand, Tranmere need a win and some favourable results to stay in League One. On the other Barnet need to at least match Grimsby's result to stay in League Two. Oh for a season of midtable meh-ness.

So, there were offers of tickets to the Stockport Tranmere game (3000 travelled). But I knew I'd be worried about the Barnet game. And there were invites to the Barnet Rochdale game. But I knew I'd be worried about the Tranmere game. So instead, and fed by last week's festival of thuggery at Grimsby, I plumped for the relative anonymity of the Burton end, and hoped.

As it happens, I needn't have fretted too greatly. Grimsby were a shadow of the team that had stood toe to toe with Barnet last week. Yes, they were unlucky to come up against a 46 year old keeper who had one of the best games of his life I suspect. But they still lacked any great commitment to the cause.

As ever, there was an ex-player involved, this time in the form of Greg Pearson. He'd been at Barnet on loan from West Ham a few years back, and was supposed to be shit hot. He wasn't. Which is why he now plays for Burton. He scored a screamer, made another, and generally did for Grimsby in no uncertain terms.

Elsewhere, Tranmere were winning, Dirty Leeds were, temporarily losing, and down to ten men, and seemed like the stars were aligning. Alas, Dirty Leeds sorted themselves out, as we know. But this was a minor blot on an otherwise lovely day.

Turns out internet cohort Pickwell was in attendance too. Abut 15 yards away by our calculations. If only we had communications devices eh? Anyway, he is far more fastidious in his reporting. And he probably hasn't mislaid his camera lead either. So I recommend reading his blog at some point. And if you are of such a mind, there will be Barnet reports here, there is already one here and Tranmere reports here.

I think we're done here.
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