Is there any money left to be wrung from the saps?

Football fans are continually bleating that they are being priced out of the game. Actually, scrap that. Premier League fans are. When a season ticket at Highbury can cost over £1800, you can't help thinking they might have a point. But then you realise that a. they're Arsenal fans and b. no-one is forcing them.

Equally a season ticket to Ewood Park can cost as little as £200, which does seem like remarkable value. Even more so if Big Sam does go to Wham and they start playing football again.

But the ever-depressing march of consumerism means that EPL clubs have to be ever more imaginative when trying to squeeze that extra bit of sterling from their frankly idiotic sychophants. On which note we must begrudgingly tip our hats to the folk in the marketing department of the hilariously screwed Liverpool. At a time when the manager is definitely staying, is off, would like to stay, one star might be off, and another is busying himself looking like a llama, the office staff have decided the one thing that will save them is a swarm of beer-bellied Scousers dressed as superheroes.

Shamlessly stolen from a tweet from the curator of Mossley80.
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