The One Where I Wished I Were Dead

Worksop 1 Hucknall Town 1

Unibond Premier Division (no really)

An awful game, played by two thoroughly disinterested teams, one of whom I expected to at least give the impression of giving a rats' ass.

The company was pleasant (at least in regard of the companion who doesn't write a blog) but the game passed by as little more than a statistic in the 2009-2010 Unibond history. In years to come, I may regale my grandchildren with tales of Tranmere 4 Southampton 3 in the FA Cup. Or Retford 5 Fleetwod 0 in the Trophy. Maybe even Halifax 4 Lancaster 0 if I need them to go far away from me. But no matter how bad they might have been, I will never inflict Worksop 1 Hucknall 1 on them. I've already forgotten it anyway.

If only everything was so easily forgotten

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