The One Where All My Fears Were Well Founded

Glapwell 1 Kidsgrove 0

Unibond Division 1 South Play Off

I may have mentioned before that I don't have much love for trips to Glapwell. But I naively thought that a play-off game might produce something I haven't seen at Hall Corner all season; a good game of football.


Quite how Glapwell can play a 3-4-3 formation and not be good to watch amazes me. Maybe it has something to do with their love of hoofing it up to Neil Grayson and his two mates, who inevitably don't control it well enough to bring others in to the game. And when they do, there's no width anyway. Awful, awful team to watch.

There was a "bumper" crowd of 250+ plus there last night. Judging by the reactions when Glapwell scored with 15 minutes or so to go, about 2/3 of them had travelled from Staffordshire. Quite how Glapwell can expect to survive at the next level on such apathetic locals is beyond me.

Another thing that is beyond me is how they, and Sheffield. And Stocksbridge, now I come to think of it, can all pass the ground gradings with three sided grounds. That the grading regulations can be flexible, depending upon your affiliations is not news. That such hypocrisy can continue to be allowed to flourish unchallenged though, that's what saddens me most.

Anyway, no photos because there was nothing to shoot. And a Chasetown Glapwell final which leaves my heart cold. In the North it's Lancaster Colwyn Bay, which is a bit more enticing. And in the Prem it's Bradford Boston, which promises to be a cracker.

I might go to Grimsby to watch Barnet throw away their league status in a display of utter ineptitude though.
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