The One They Didn't Want To Play

A hastily arranged trip back to South Elmsall for the Unibond Prem fixture between Frickley and Nantwich. Wasn't planned, for obvious reasons, but BTFM is never one to turn down a free pass, as we established on Saturday. But I hope that fulfils my obligation for, ooh, about 7 years??

No photos. No videos. And not much to report really. Bet you're glad you popped in now aren't you?

The long and the short of it is that Frickley won 2-0, against a Nantwich team who could not have looked less interested if they were attending a bell ringing seminar. Highlights, talking points and moments worthy of reporting in a two-bit blog were few and far between.

Oh how we yearned for the drama of, oh, I dunno, a truck driver not realising he had rammed a car at high speed

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