Friday Night Is Rock n Roll Night (with a bit of big beat on the sly)

It's Friday night. My hell-raising days are long since departed (there a story about a night of Scrabble in Plymouth that I'll have to tell you some time). But tomorrow night, for one night only, I am going back to my youth.

And so, by way of celebration, I am going to indulge myself in some You Tubery. Viewer discretion is advised.

First out of the blocks are the Lo Fidellity All Stars

Which takes us on to Bentley Rhythm Ace

And that segues nicely in to a bit of Apollo 440

The dog barking at the start of that puts me in mind of Jane's Addiction

Bit of a leap from there to Living Colour, but it worked in my teenage bedroom, believe me

And then, last, but by no means least, we land at the door step of Spike and the boys. The whole reason I am wallowing in this self-regarding nonsense.

Thanks for sticking with me. Normal service wil be resumed at some point over the weekend, no doubt
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