The One About Scarves And Gloves

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She wasn't there
A game! That wasn't called off.!! All my christmases have surely come at once.

As I sat in the BoneShaker, passing time before heading in to The Welfare Ground, I got a text from the Fats Domino of groundhopping, who's 66POW blog serves to show us all what a hollow pursuit this is how it should be done. With Worksop's game against Boston being called off, he had opted for Scunthorpe v Watford in the Fizzy Pop League. Lord knows why, although I am sure his relentlessly embellished report will tell you it was a wise decision. Quite whether the £15 admission gave him a game that was thee times better than Armthorpe Welfare v Scarborough in the NCEL, featuring 5 goals, three red cards, two penalties and a vocal crowd, I'll let him decide.

pic of armthorpe welfare fc
Blackpool of the North
At the start of the season, Scarborough were many peope's tips for promotion out of the NCEL. They certainly have the fan base for  ahigher level of football. However, as the season has progressed, they have flattered to deceive, and indeed have been overshadowed by their landlords, Bridlington. Armthorpe meanwhile seem, to me at least, to have far outstripped realistic expectations. Although the general worksite-ness of the ground would indicate that there is financial backing to support their promotion push. Although one suspects they come a little short this time round.

It's fair to say that Armthorpe is not the most enticing of areas. But then, as a suburb of Doncaster, can it be expected to be? I remember a few visits to Church Road with Retford, back in the day. What fans they could muster were always a fairly volitile bunch. One of those in and out operations. Decent chippy opposite tho.

pic of disused turnstile
One of the better games I've watched in recent times, this. Wellie, as no-one calls them despite their best efforts, were happy to soak up pressure, and hit Boro on the break, whilst the visitors themselves were capable of some good football when it suited them. On this showing, neither time would disgrace themselves at the next level.

The home team took the lead after about 10 minutes, following a prolonged spell of pessure from Scarborough. It was a scrappy goal, but they deserved it. The Seadogs were making great inroads by going down the right, with the Wellie left back having a torrid day. Not helped by his mate in goal berating his every move. He was booked, and things just got worse for him. Eventually, a free kick on the Scarborough left wasn't dealt with, and it fell to the right winger who, having been hopelessly ignored by the aforementioned left back calmly leveled the scores. With the last kick of the half, Armthorpe hit the bar.

arty football shot
The second half was even more manic. Boro went two one up after more poorly executed set piece defending, only for Armthorpe to go straight down the other end and earn a penalty. Two all. This didn't go down too well with the visiting fans, who prior to this had been enjoying themselves by baiting the home keeper, not only for his continuing admonishments of the left back, for other, less clear but no doubt no less deserving, crimes. I don't think either party will be in a hurry to exchange Facebook accounts.

An utterly pointless clip, if I'm honest

Shortly after they were reduced to 10 men as a "6 of one" kerfuffle broke out down by the dugouts. Inexplicably, the home combatant was only booked, whilst his nemisis walked. Needless to say the travelling Seadog army were now incandescent with rage. And it was going to get worse.

But not before Armthorpe attempted to shoot themselves in the foot with a reckless two footed lunge that served only to even the sides up at ten-apiece.

Armthorpe headed off down the exact same route, with the standout number 7 again tormenting the left back (not the rubbish Armthorpe one), and the outcome was the same. A penalty, this time with added red card for even greater punishment. Upstepped the Liam Hardy again, and Armthorpe were 3-2 up against 9 men.

And that was pretty much that.
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KEV.C. said...
21 February 2010 at 10:34

Enjoyed reading the post, all the best, Kev (Scarborough Athletic supporter)

NNC said...
21 February 2010 at 11:12

Cheers for taking the time to read and comment Kev!

What's the craic with the Wellie keeper and your mob? Seemed like more than just the usual banter?

Rob Bernard said...
21 February 2010 at 12:10

The craic comes from a couple of seasons ago when Mr Green was an Emley player. He caused a near riot at Queensgate. In a fractious game he swore and generally acted badly all the match. When we had our skipper sent off Mr Green walked up the pitch and applauded him sarcastically. We also lost another man before Green was sent off for inciting the crowd. Sadly when he went down the tunnel where our captain was awaiting. It is alleged that a frank discussion evolved involving a forehead and someones teeth. All hell broke loose as the game ended in pandimonium.

Yesterday Green swore his way through the match, apparently calling one of our female fans a f'ing slag. Very classy! He managed to get one of our forwards booked for coliding with him after scoring. At half time he complained to the officials about the abuse he was taking which led to our directors pleading with fans. Then Green proceeded to swear his way through the second half without a word from the officials.

Good blog mate, but you got the Boro sending offs in the wrong sequence.

All the best. Willesden Seadog

NNC said...
21 February 2010 at 12:16

Cheers Rob.

My take on the booking after you scored was that your guy jumped on the keeper, and IMO was lucky it was just a booking! That said I was down the other end.

You'd have got something from the game if you had exploited "Henry" more.

If I cared enough about the quality of this blog, I'd change those red cards round. Sadly, a lifetime of experience tells me I don't!

Anonymous said...
21 February 2010 at 20:46

both the penalties were scored by Liam Hardy

KEV.C. said...
21 February 2010 at 21:26

Kev here again, I was going to tell you about Jamie Green but I see you have been put in the picture, I have added you on my blog list, keep up the good work. KEV

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