Bottesford Town 2-2 Barton Town Old Boys

Bottesford Town 2-2 Barton Town Old Boys

NCEL Division One

Birch Park
Ontario Road

Bottesford Town FC
More signs than fans

Eagle-eyed readers, and I have no reason to doubt that there must be some out there who aren't drunk and/or Scottish, will notice that the game I graced today was not the one advertised earlier.  Quite simply, in the past I have alluded, light heartedly, to a curse having beset this Best Of The Web-in-waiting blog. Well, tonight, I am not so sure it isn't.


non league football letterbox view
All my shots are similarly framed. 

Why else would my game be the only sodding game in the Central Midlands league to be called off? Indeed, the only game for bloody miles around. If that doesn't smack of an MI5 conspiracy, well then, I don't know what does.


So, if you find your team wracked by injuries and suspensions, give me a call on 1800-CALLMYGAMEOFF and I'll see what I can do.


Granted this proves nothing

Having rumbled the Illuminati's plot, I was yet again forced to hastily scan the fixtures and re-evaluate. The winner, Bottesford Town, left me with an hour to get across Lincolnshire and into Humberside. A route which took me past Fanny Hands Lane. I thought about taking a shot to prove it. but thankfully someone else did. In 1955.


It is an interesting irrelevant side issue that due to the unique way BTFM is funded, I don't have one of those all-singin', all-dancin' proper internet-y type phones. Instead, I have to muddle thru with a phone that was cutting edge many many moons ago. As such I can access enough of the web to get club information, but luxuries like actual maps are a stretch too far. Meaning that texts from concerned citizens which read "It's right at the end of the road, just when it looks like you've gone too far and couldn't possibly be there", whilst hugely appreciated, aren't much use to me.


More by luck than judgement, I happened upon Birch Park, just in time for the heavens to open. It is a gift.  I am mildly intrigued as to why the estate it is housed upon has named itself after various aspects of Canada, but not intrigued enough to actually Google it. So if anyone has a exhausted every other possible search they can muster, please let me know.

It's a cracking set up at Bottesford. A true testimony to what can be achieved by a forward thinking local council working in tandem with the authorities, and of course, the club itself. Parties up and down the country (Bassetlaw and Barnet for two), should take note. 


The cast-off's from ITV hit "Take Me Out"

I guess this constitutes something of a local derby for these two clubs. Indeed, the first meeting between the two is currently the best attended game in the league this season. But the people of Scunthorpe are guilty of neglecting all that Bottesford has to offer, as The Poachers have one of the lowest home averages. 


So it was no surprise to see a sizeable away contingent milling about amicably prior to kick off, although the deluge meant that part of this bonhomie took on the air of the fabled Blitz Spirit.


At least until the opening five minutes had passed, by which time the hosts were one up, and Barton looked like they were in for a long old afternoon. Every ball over the top seemed to cause them problems. Which is not to say they were poor, just baffled by the tactic of teams trying to score against them. The keeper was unsure of himself, and this translated itself to a half of heart-in-mouth defending. At the other end, they attacked with guston, and through the course of the afternoon hit the woodwork on at least two occassions, if not more.


Good. But blue boots?

Stand out player was visiting skipper Ryan Morton, resplendant in his blue boots. I'm not sure on his leadership abilities, but as a play-maker he definitely lead by example. He gave the home right back a torrid afternoon, and whilst his delivery wasn't always pinpoint, he provided a constant threat going forwards.


Once Bottesford scored their second, via sloppy defending from a free kick, it appeared the travelling hoardes were in for a wasted journey. But credit Barton, they kept on pushing. They were helped when a reckless tackle in midfield lead to a straight red for the home side's ball-winner, but there were was still plenty of work to be done.


A goal mouth scramble gave them a foot in the game, and with time winding down, they kept on coming. And the, late drama, a penalty! Up stepped captain Ryan, and...

All in all, a satisfactory afternoon. Fair result, I think. Although naturally Bottesford will feel agrieved to have surrendered a two goal lead at home.

Next up, Harrogate on Monday if I can be arsed, although Tuesday night at Rainworth is more likely. That said, given my pedigree, I could be anywhere.

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